Step 1 Ventures

Where the journey begins

What is Step 1 Ventures?

This is a fun company name.  At trade shows, capital-hungry hyenas see my name tag and swarm towards me like the friendly folks on  Desker Road.  The word "Ventures" gives them heady visions of blank checks and new boats.  I smile and explain that it is a name that describes the various activities I undertake, and that "I will be what I will be" (as it were).

Services I offer

  • Technical training, from needs assessment, through instructional design, teaching, and evaluation.
  • Training program evaluation.
  • Software testing and human factors consulting.
  • Tutoring on computer skills and academic topics.

Consulting/contract assignments

  • Author of a quick-start guide to Microsoft Excel (in progress).
  • Instructor for Windows and Microsoft Office skills, and medical office appointment and billing software
  • Customer support for automatic telephone re-dialer.
  • Function and usability testing of software package for small wholesalers.
  • Curriculum maintenance for internal training for an Extremely-well-known data storage Manufacturing Company.
  • Program evaluation consultant for a local region of a national non-profit youth organization.

Creative programming

  • SingFree Sessions, "You've always wanted to."  An open ongoing workshop that encourages personal growth through getting up and singing in public.  Also offered as Karaoke-Do, "Personal growth through public exposure", of which I am Founding Grand Master.
  • Diving Into Mikveh™: An Experiential Workshop for Jewish Men, Introducing Jewish men to the use of mikveh (ritual bath) to mark personal transitions.
  • Vacation Vibrations,  "Tours for fans of great live music."  I organized and ran Farther Oblivion Tour 2007, a land package tour to Berlin, Prague, and the Zappanale, the world's only Frank Zappa festival, in Bad Doberan, Germany.

I look forward to working with you!

Scott A. Tepper




Vacation Vibrations, SingFree Sessions, Karaoke-Do, and Diving Into Mikveh are trademarks of Step 1 Ventures.

Copyright ©2010 Step 1 Ventures.  All rights reserved.

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